Welcome to The Arts Society Beaconsfield

We are a lively group whose aims are to promote knowledge, and appreciation of decorative and fine arts through lectures, study groups, and guided visits to private houses, exhibitions and museums.  The society has an active Church Recorders group who meet once a month.  New volunteers are always needed.  For Young Arts, the society funds local projects to encourage creative activities in young people. In 2017/2018, The Arts Society Beaconsfield is funding two new schools, Butlers Court and Alfriston School.  More details of the societies volunteering activities can be found on the Volunteering. tab.

​We are affiliated to The Arts Society (TAS), with all its benefits of access to study days, foreign travel and expert lectures in all fields.

Our lectures are held at the very comfortable Fitzwilliams Centre behind St Marys Church in Beaconsfield Old Town on the first Thursday of each month, except in January, August, and September.  We have two sessions, a morning group which meets at 10.30, and an afternoon group which meets at 13.45 but we hope you can come earlier and join us for coffee beforehand to meet fellow members.  We are pleased to hear from anyone interested in joining us.

If you have any news, and views that you would like to share with other members, please send us an email (use the Contact Us link), We look forward to hearing from you.

Brian Letchford, Chairman

Airedale Solutions has changed our web site to the Arts Society. If it looks a little off please refresh the web page by clicking on the circualr arrow in your browser.

Latest News

LECTURE  Thursday 2nd November Art Inspired By Wine Jon Ericson 

COMMITTEE VACANCY: EXTENDED TOURS The society is looking for a person to organise UK and foreign tours which run once a year.   The role entails deciding on the destination along with help from the committee and then the associated administration.  It is not mandatory to join any foreign tours as they will have a full-time tour manager.   If willing to help in a small way, please talk to a member of the committee.

CHILTERN HILLS STUDY DAYS AUTUMN 2017 Three study days "West meets East: the Allure of the Orient in European Art, Culture and Civilisation" by Ann Haworth.  Full details of each study day can be found under News.  If interested to attend, click here to download a booking form.

CHILTERN HILLS AREA WEBSITE  Visit the NADFAS Chiltern Hills website to learn about activities in other local NADFAS societies.